Don’t live with Chronic Pain. Heal it!

We effectively treat the root cause of pain with minimally invasive, pain-relieving therapies. In fact, we are leaders in the application of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) or placental membrane extracts that actually regenerate damaged cells. Beginning in 2015, we will begin IRB approved clinical studies involving stem cell use for chronic joint, tendon and spinal pain.

About Dr. Wasserman


Dr. Jeff Wasserman has practiced in pain management in Dallas for over 20 years and pioneered several advanced interventional therapies to relieve chronic pain for his patients. He is a specialist in minimally invasive disc healing therapies and spine implants for chronic pain.

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Our Services

As no two patients are identical, Wasserman Pain Clinic provides a comprehensive suite of pain-relieving therapies so that each patient has a unique treatment plan tailored to their needs:

*PRP followed by anti-inflammatory and growth factor rich placental membrane extract

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What is Pain Management?

We improve the daily lives of our patients by taking a compassionate, multi-disciplinary approach to ensure the comprehensive care of every patient’s worst pain through prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.  Learn More »

How we are Different

Our goal is to end our patient’s chronic pain.
Dr. Wasserman uses only therapies with documented success and continuously delivers advanced interventions and regenerative solutions to manage or eliminate chronic pain.  Learn More »

Leading through Research

Dr. Wasserman is a Certified Principal Research Investigator for pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment manufacturers. In 2015, Dr. Wasserman will be conducting clinical trials utilizing Platelet Rich Plasma and Adult Stem Cell Therapies.


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